Ice Cream


At Nestlé, we love ice cream. From low calorie treats to gourmet flavours, we’re always developing tastier and healthier choices for our consumers around the world. An ice cream treat makes life a little sweeter and refreshing.

In fact, the Nestlé range of ice cream products offers delights and pleasures to enhance everyday occasions as well as life’s special moments. With wholesome milk at the heart of ice cream, we build upon this to offer healthier options for you and your family.

This includes attention to nutritional labelling, portion size recommendations, and smaller pack options. So there is no need to resist temptation.

Naturally Good

Nestlé ice cream goes further than taste enjoyment. We work to ensure that our products are produced, packaged and distributed in ways that deliver goodness for you, for others, for the environment, and even for the honey bees that contribute to great tasting ice cream.

Helping honey bees

The world relies on honey bees to pollinate many fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. And yet honey bees have been disappearing at an alarming rate in some parts of the world.

Our ice cream team decided to take action – especially since bee pollination is essential for ingredients in nearly 50% of our all-natural super premium flavours. The 'Help the Honey Bees' campaign was launched and is playing a significant role in helping honey bees through research funding, public awareness and action.