NESTUM® Infant Cereal

At around 6 months of age the nutritional needs of babies start changing rapidly. Milk alone, whether Breast Milk or Infant Formula, may no longer be sufficient to meet their nutritional needs.

The introduction of complementary foods, appropriate to the age of the baby is extremely important as it plays a crucial role in the physical, cognitive and behavioural development of the child.”

NESTUM® Infant Cereals are specially formulated to provide babies with the powerful nutrition they need for healthy growth and development.

With carbohydrates for energy, protein for growth and vitamins and minerals for healthy development, NESTUM® Infant Cereals help to meet the special nutritional requirements of infants.Since baby’s tummies are very small, they need nutrient rich meals each day to maintain their rapid growth.

Each serving of NESTUM® Infant Cereals with milk provides vitamins and minerals to help meet baby’s nutrient needs. NESTUM® also contains the probiotic BIFIDUS BL® which may help to support baby’s natural defences and may help to maintain the equilibrium of the intestinal flora when consumed daily.”

Introducing your baby to NESTUM® Infant Cereals will help your little one experience taste, texture and nutrition in a whole new way – helping to build a positive relationship with food for a lifetime of healthy eating.